Mission Statement 

I am a financial professional. Through my actions, I earn the trust of my clients, customers and team members. I am focused on meeting my client's needs and keeping my customers for life. I believe continuous learning improves my contribution. My work creates an opportunity for me by creating value for my clients.

Method of Operation

I began working in the Financial Services Business:  October 1978

2nd Most important asset: Experience in matching the expectations of my client to the product offerings of insurance & fund companies.

                                     The Process 

We start out with a fact finding interview to establish your objectives, dreams, hopes, priorities.
 Realize - Challenges We CANNOT Control.    
  1.  Market Volatility - daily up and down market swings. 
  2.  Economy - interest rates, inflation, tax rates, government policy.
  3.  Noise - 24/7 bombardment of information, news, hot tips, talking heads, there is no off switch.
We then establish a timetable to achieve your goals.  
Discover - Challenges We CAN Control. 
  1. Personal Beliefs - Social values, religious parameters, firearms, tobacco. 
  2. Emotions - Optimism, thrill, greed, denial, fear, anxiety, panic, capitulation, optimism. ( cycle of investor emotion ) 
  3. Decisions - How much and when to invest, risk vs.reward, retirement date.
            When is the best time to plant a tree? . . . Yesterday  
I research the marketplace to bring the competition to bear.
Mitigate - The things we CANNOT Control
  1. Disciplined portfolio construction, risk control features, tax-lot preference.
  2. Manage risk using investment processes, dollar cost averaging, rebalancing, inflation protection, tax harvesting. 
  3. Concentrate on long term results, professional personalized advice, sound recommendations.   
Recommendations - Precise, clearly stated, objective
Focus - The things we CAN Control.   
  1. Manage personal expectations - communicate / continuing education.  
  2. Goal oriented success rather than competing with arbitrary benchmarks. 
  3. Expectations dictate our experience, so you must understand what you own.

Team Effort 

Concourse Financial Group Securies, Inc. as Broker Dealer houses advance market consultants, attorneys, & CPA's to help navigate the myriad of potential solutions that the individual process requires.

Greatest Asset